Minori on Amalfi Coast Italy: Monuments and natural beauties

Minori on Amalfi Coast Italy : Monuments - Art

  • Santa Trofimena Cathedral with a marble pulpit of 1616. It has a nave and two aisles divided by pillars. The most original part is the crypt attainable through two staircases beginning from the balustrade of presbytery
  • Roman Archaeological Villa, on two floors, built in I century a.C., during August age, it was a rich house with paintings, mosaics, stuccos in Pompeian style. The Viridarium is very interesting with a central basin surrounded by a portico
  • S. Giovanni Battista del Piezulo Church, built in 1420 by Brancia family from Amalfi. It has a rectangular plan divided in two by a round arch
  • Santa Lucia Church built in X century. It has an only nave covered by a barrel-vault of early Christian inspiration
  • San Michele Church of X - XI century with interesting paintings
  • Fontana Moresca dei Leoni, a fountain whose symbol had the aim to strengthen the faith: in fact these lions were at the entrance of a church as an admonishment for all those who didn’t have a strong Christian faith
  • San Salvatore Church in Paradiso hamlet, near Ravello
  • Annunziata bell tower in Arabic – Norman style built in XII century
  • Ss. Sacramento confraternity with a beautiful marble altar
  • S. Gennaro Church with the main entrance surmounted by a medallion with a painting portraying Our Lady, near the church there is the Oratory dedicated to Our Lady of Graces
  • San Nicola Monastery and Church built in XI century
  • San Giovanni Battista Church consecrated in 1144
  • Santa Maria della Sanità al Monastero Church with a quadrangular chapel
  • Angelo Custode Church with an only nave. On the altar there is a statue of the Guardian Angel
  • S. Maria del Rosario Church, with an only nave, covered by a barrel-vault
  • Annunziata cave with a shrine and a painting of XV century and a small lake of fresh water
  • Guardia Paradiso, Annunziata and Calata Ponte towers built at the end of XVI century
  • San Nicola Wood


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