Minori of Amalfi Coast: History


History of Minori

Minori has Roman origins. It was first called “Reginna”, then “Reginna Minor” since near it there was a bigger town called “Reginna Maior”.

During Middle Ages Minori had an important shipyard that produced galleys until 1039. Since 987 it had been made a diocese by Pope John XV and was an Episcopal seat until 1818. It rivalled Amalfi because of its picturesque location, its factories, its orange blossoms: the doges of Amalfi often stayed there and some of them are buried in the Cathedral. An important event is the imprisonment by Salernitano prince Guaimario IV of the second bishop of Minori, Sergio.

On April, the 11th, 1597 there was a tragic storm. In 1492, 1528 and 1656 there were several plagues that brought in the town death and terror. The plague of 1656 made 355 people die: it was a third of the population.

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